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The structure ofCase Mistretta Apartment it is in energy class A +.

It was born as an organic farm.

We produce energy from renewable sources.

The pool is equipped with a salt system for water purification and therefore no chlorine is used directly.

Case Mistretta Apartments

Case Mistretta Apartments is located on the slopes of Mount San Michele, on the edge of the Pizzo Cane Nature Reserve, at an altitude of 200 meters.

 The rural house, dating back to 1800, has been re-proposed keeping the original shape, proportions and orientation unchanged but entirely rebuilt with current and modern building techniques with particular attention paid to the care of the interiors of the building and original furnishings with the idea of combining them with modern art.

 For the construction of the building in energy class A and with an energy requirement totally met by the photovoltaic system, the principles of sustainable construction were applied in the name of eco-sustainability and energy saving.

 It is a place where you can relax among the centuries-old olive trees. The air is magical and serene, the breeze imbued with the typical scents of the Mediterranean scrub, according to the seasons: almond, peach, laurel, olive, medlar.

 From sunrise to sunset, the whole landscape, the trees, the sun create a rainbow of colors and sounds, which multiply and mix in every hour of the day.

 Case Mistretta Apartments, is an organic estate where in addition to a centuries-old olive grove, there is a vegetable garden and an organic orchard  All that which grows and is produced is offered to guests so that they too can savor and experience the fruits of the rich earth.

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Our history...

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Interview with Nino D'ugo   | Farmer

Manager of the agricultural processes of Case Mistretta